Great site....very functional, easy-to-navigate and compelling. A HUGE improvement from what we've had in the past."

– Eric, Club President

Cost-effective Lianas web platforms include specialized swim & tennis or soccer features, plus all the standard communication elements.”

–Tom Donlan, Founder

Members really appreciate what the site does for the club. And, since it pays for itself and then some through the sponsors and ads, it’s an easy business decision.”

– Brooks, Club President

Making effective, fun, easy-to-use and affordable swim & tennis or soccer website solutions

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Lianas site platforms integrate multiple club communication and management systems into one easy-to-use, time-saving package. Anyone with basic word processing skills can make their Lianas community website a lively success.

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  • Deliver a professional website for your club
  • Include popular, time-saving features not found on other “easy-build” sites
  • No programming skills are needed to manage the site
  • Get started in minutes
  • Personalize your site’s web address
  • Easily customize your site’s content, images, and additional pages
  • Raise funds for your club or team through sponsor advertising
  • Eliminate 4 or 5 different outside systems that don’t “talk to each other”.  Integrated functionality means one member database.  Management is simpler and your members only have to remember one web address and password.

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